Published July 10, 2023 | Version v1
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The recompiled circuit V from the preparation of the AKLT state

  • 1. Nanyang Technological University


This is the json file used for the recompiled optimized circuit \(\hat{V}\)from the paper 'High-fidelity realization of the AKLT state on a NISQ-era quantum processor' (arXiv link: See Fig. 3. For the CNOT gate, the first and second index represents the conventions of the CNOT gate where the first index is for the controlled qubit. For the U3 gate, it follows the Qiskit convention where \(U3(\theta, \phi, \lambda) = U(\theta, \phi, \lambda)\): the first three numbers are for the parameters of the U3 gate, and the last one is for the qubit index.



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