Published June 30, 2023 | Version v1
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Definition evaluation and refinement of the SR CM governance model, V3


The specific deliverable D1.8 is the updated and final version of D1.3 (M12) & D17 (M24) and its main purpose is to define and include the SnR Governance model in the sevenuse cases that havetook place in SnR project. In this final version of the deliverable related to the Definition, evaluation and refinement of the SnR CM governance model, we will try to include the specification of the SnR Governance model to the SnR use cases. All seven use cases are described and analysed below along with their respective evaluation.The vision of EU will be as well described in details together with the common framework assessing the users’ needs and integrating the responses.Furthermore, the Interoperability framework will be presented between emergency organizations with common, accepted and validated updated Standard Operating Procedures, promoting more efficient, multinational and multi-organisational disaster response actions, and being fully compatible with (i) the actual (updated) existing SOP within the organisations –end users included in the project, EU MS and International Organisations (ii) technological framework and (iii) interoperability concepts.Nine end –users from various EU countries have come together to describe once again their Standard Operating Procedures that were used in their countries (Italy, France, Greece, Austria-Germany, Spain & Romania) during their pilot phases and the results are well described in the following sections. The respective questionnaire has been answered for the third time by the partners, helping us compare the procedures of each end-user.


SnR_D1.8 - Definition evaluation and refinement of the SR CM governance model, V3_v1.00.pdf

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