Published June 26, 2023 | Version 01
Book Open

A Pedagogical Framework on Self- Regulated Learning for Online and Blended Higher Education. A Guidebook for Educators



The TUNED project aims to improve the knowledge and skills of educators by applying pedagogical strategies from learning science, such as self-regulated learning and scaffolding. We intend to impact different levels of education: the first-level target is educators in higher educational institutions (HEIs), including professors, lecturers and teachers in initial teacher education (ITE). Training these educators will directly affect the second-level target: HE students and school teachers who take in-service training and lectures of ITE. Finally, the third-level target is students in the schools who will benefit from the new methods applied by teachers. In this way, we can trigger a domino effect that will improve training and teaching at every level of education. As our first step, this guidebook aims to help teachers, particularly in a higher education context, where online and blended learning methods are most commonly used, by providing theoretical and practical implications and frameworks to facilitate students’ self-regulated learning in distant learning contexts. We hope this guidebook will provide readers with insights into effective scaffolding to enhance pupils’ regulation skills and tips for exploiting the benefits of digital learning to create better online/blended learning experiences.


TUNED_Pedagogical Guidebook on Self-Reguleted Learning and Motivation for Distance and Blended Learning .pdf