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Public consultation version of the first draft of the VHT Roadmap

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The first draft of the VHT roadmap needs to be delivered by the 31st of July 2023. The final roadmap is due at the end of the EDITH CSA (September 2024). The present document is a preliminary version of this first draft. It shows the envisioned structure and contains the main points that will be included in the first draft of the roadmap. The level of detail and refinement in the description of these points is still variable and is continuously being refined and elaborated. However, we are making this version already publicly available for comments and feedback so this input can still be taken incorporated in the first draft of the roadmap submitted to the European Commission.

This first draft aims to capture the main lines of thinking and identify the research, infrastructure and other challenges that need to be discussed in the remainder of the EDITH project but will require further development and support beyond EDITH. For the technology, standards, regulatory and legal elements the draft gives an overview of the state of the art and an analysis of the VHT-specific needs. No definitive choices have been proposed in this document.

The document has been made available as a google doc with commenting rights for everyone (if you did not receive an invite, please contact or This is done so everyone is able to keep track of suggestions that are being made (and by whom – in case further clarifications are needed). For general discussions, we encourage everyone to use the slack channel on the In Silico World Community of Practice (ISW_CoP). This will facilitate a much more lively discussion than comment balloons on a text file.  

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EDITH is a Coordination and Support Action funded by the Digital Europe program of the European Commission under grant agreement n. 101083771.


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