Published June 21, 2023 | Version v1
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Counting and Sequential Information Processing in Mechanical Metamaterials

  • 1. Leiden University; Amolf


This dataset contains images and driving protocols used in the paper: "Counting and Sequential Information Processing in Mechanical Metamaterials", published in Physical Review Letters.

In this paper we demonstrate "beam counters"; metamaterials that count driving cycles. We demonstrate the counters sensitivity to various driving amplitudes and show how this might be used to infer more information from the applied driving and how to construct a "lock and key" metamaterial with an internal state that can only be reached with one unique input sequence.

The data in this replication package is hierarchically organized by making use of a directory per figure in the paper. Contained in this replication package are a number of files used in the figure as described below.

Experimental data from the measurement setup is stored in matched subdirectorys with a name, for example "001/" and a file "times_001.csv". Here the subdirectory contains images taken of the sample and the csv file contains the times at which the images were taken, the change in pixel intensity from one image to the next (sampled at a shorter interval than the saved images) and the position of the driving stage and a measured inductive position.

  • fig1
    • 001/
          - directory containing the original unedited figures comparing above and below D*
    • 001_cropped_selection/
          - directory containing a cropped selection of the images used in the figure
    • times_001.csv
  • fig2
    • 002/
          - directory containing images of the ten counter being compressed with marked m-beams
    • times_002.csv
    • Kymograph.tif
          - A kymograph image calculated from 002 by filtering the colored m-beams and taking stacking a single horizontal slice from all of the images.
    • kymograph.svg
          - The plotted horizontal position of the beam traces visible in Kymograph.tif
  • fig3
    • 000/
          - directory containing images of the compression of counter with uncut a-beams
    • 000_cropped/
    • times_000.csv
    • 004/
          - directory containing images of the same counter with the a-beams slit cut
    • 004_cropped/
    • times_004.csv
    • comparison/
          - directory containing a selection of cropped images at comparable driving used in the figure
  • fig4
    • Alternative starting condition/
      • 001/
            - directory containing images of the ten-counter compressed in an alternative starting state
      • 001_cropped/
            - directory with cropped versions of the images in 001/ and further cropped versions in further subdirectories
      • 001_selection/
      • times_001.csv
    • BBAC machine
      • 006/
            - directory containing images of the four counters making up the BBAC machine under a driving of BAC
      • 006_state/
            - selection of images used in the paper with a subdirectory contining cropped versions
      • times_006.csv


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