Published May 31, 2023 | Version v1
Journal article Open

European stakeholders' visions and needs for stormwater in future urban drainage systems

  • 1. Groupe de recherche, animation technique et information sur l'eau (Graie)
  • 2. Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • 3. Aalborg University
  • 4. IKT Institute for Underground Infrastructure
  • 5. Universidade da Coruña, Water and Environmental Engineering Research Team (GEAMA), Center for Technological Innovation in Construction and Civil Engineering – CITEEC
  • 6. Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
  • 7. Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Deltares
  • 8. Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, The University of Sheffield


Transitioning urban drainage systems to serve water-smart societies requires the involvement of different disciplines and stakeholders. However, stakeholders have different visions and needs from the transitioning process (e.g in terms of financing, policy adaptation and system management) these also vary between regions and countries. Identifying such different needs for stakeholders is necessary to propose practical adaptation strategies. Therefore, evidence of needs as reflected in policy papers and legislation in seven European countries was collected. Knowledgeable individuals in the urban drainage community were asked about their visions. Results show that whilst there is consensus on the challenges, visions on how to transition are diverse, indicating that more interaction between the different stakeholder groups is required to develop consensus. Additionally, organisational and legislative structures often slow down the necessary change processes.


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