Published June 2, 2023 | Version v1
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JDOR - Java2D for ooRexx (and Other Programming Languages)


JDOR (Java2D for ooRexx) is a Rexx command handler that allows using simple string commands to create Java2D graphics and animations. The tool is part of the open source BSF4ooRexx850 package, a bidirectional ooRexx-Java bridge, and allows in addition for recording JDOR commands and to replay them later one by one. This allows for creating Java2D graphics and running simple Java2D animations from plain text files such that programs in any programming language can take advantage of JDOR.

The design and implementation of JDOR simplifies the interface to the Java2D classes considerably such that even students without any professional graphics background (like business administration students) can successfully take advantage of the tool to create even complex Java2D graphics and Java2D based animations which would be otherwise impossible for them as they lack the necessary Java programming and graphical skills.

The video demonstrates some of the samples in "BSF4ooRexx850/samples" including some animation examples. In addition a Python and a Java program that create JDOR commands gets used in a pipe to a JDOR filter program to create JDOR graphics. The demonstration is run under Windows, but can be run unchanged on Linux or macOS, as can all examples of "BSF4ooRexx850".


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