Published May 9, 2023 | Version v1
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Nordic Exceptionalism Datasprint Datasets


  • 1. The Royal Danish Library


The Nordic Exceptionalism Datasprint Datasets consists of two files with text data that is prepared for the Nordic Exceptionalism Datasprint held 11 May 2023 at University of Copenhagen, South Campus.

The text data is partly ocr text from scanned pdf files that has been checked through so it is close to perfect; partly text data from

The first file, "nordic corpus files incl abbyy finerader", holds a biography file as well as multiple folders each containing an Abbyy Finereader file, a txt file, a word file, and a searchable pdf file if the folder holds a text that has been ocr treated with Abbyy FineReader.

The second file, "nordic corpus txt files prepared for voyant" holds a biography file and multiple txt files prepared to be used in Voyant Tools. These files are named beginning with year of publication.


nordic corpus files incl abbyy finerader

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