Published April 26, 2023 | Version 1.1.3
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RO-Crate Metadata Specification 1.1.3



This document specifies a method, known as RO-Crate (Research Object Crate), of aggregating and describing research data with associated metadata. RO-Crates can aggregate and describe any resource including files, URI-addressable resources, or use other addressing schemes to locate digital or physical data. RO-Crates can describe data in aggregate and at the individual resource level, with metadata to aid in discovery, re-use and long term management of data. Metadata includes the ability to describe the context of data and the entities involved in its production, use and reuse. For example: who created it, using which equipment, software and workflows, under what licenses can it be re-used, where was it collected, and/or where is it about.

RO-Crate uses JSON-LD to to express this metadata using linked data, describing data resources as well as contextual entities such as people, organizations, software and equipment as a series of linked JSON-LD objects - using common published vocabularies, chiefly

The core of RO-Crate is a JSON-LD file, the RO-Crate Metadata File, named ro-crate-metadata.json. This file contains structured metadata about the dataset as a whole (the Root Data Entity) and, optionally, about some or all of its files. This provides a simple way to, for example, assert the authors (e.g. people, organizations) of the RO-Crate or one its files, or to capture more complex provenance for files, such as how they were created using software and equipment.

While providing the formal specification for RO-Crate, this document also aims to be a practical guide for software authors to create tools for generating and consuming research data packages, with explanation by examples.


Recommendation published by - see for web version. This is a patch release identical to 1.1.2 except for a JSON-LD typo fix



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