Published July 4, 2011 | Version v1
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How doctors apply semantic components to specify search in work-related information retrieval

  • 1. Aalborg University, Denmark
  • 2. Microsoft Corporation, USA
  • 3. Portland State University, USA


Workplace searching is often context-specific and targets a ‘right answer’ within some
domain-specific aspect of the search topic. We have developed the semantic component
(SC) model that allows searchers to specify a search within context-specific aspects of the
main topic of documents. The goal of our study was to gain insight into how family practice
physicians at, a national healthcare portal in Denmark, applied the SC model
to formulate queries to solve work-related search tasks. The results showed that doctors
used the model purposively when choosing search facets and search concepts. They were
relatively consistent in their use. The findings provide promising evidence of the model’s
potential usefulness.



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