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FAIR-EASE_D6.1_Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Plan_Initial

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The FAIR Earth Sciences & Environment services (FAIR-EASE) project aims to customise and operate distributed and integrated services for observation and modelling of the Earth system, environment and biodiversity by improving the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of their different components implemented in close cooperation with user-communities, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and research infrastructures in their design and sustainable availability. To achieve this goal, the project will improve data discovery and access and will create an Earth Analytical Lab offering web-based interfaces, predefined processing tools and on-demand data visualisation services for remote analysis and processing of heterogeneous data (see 2.4. Key Assets & Value Proposition). An essential step will be the Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication Plan aimed at guaranteeing a significant uptake of the developed solution.

The overarching dissemination, communication and exploitation goal is to ensure the maximum uptake and adoption of the project’s results. The communications and dissemination activities will target each of the identified stakeholder groups which include Policy Makers, Resource Providers and Operational Forecast Services, EOSC Ecosystem, Civil Society and General Public and Research User Community (see 2.6. Stakeholder Analysis). To ensure sufficient result exploitation, the applied methodology will include the generation of relevant content for each stakeholder group and their engagement as community members. Some of the tools that will be used include newsletters, social media schedulers, event tools, webinar videoconferencing tools.

The communications activities will be continuously monitored by such tracking tools as Google Analytics and the Drupal content management tracker, among others (see 2.3. Monitoring).

The communications and dissemination will be multi-channel and consist of horizontal activities (see 2. Communication and Dissemination Strategy). The channels for horizontal activities will include the support of the website with an overview of the FAIR-EASE functionalities, social media, content repositories, physical and digital graphically designed communication materials, videos, a newsletter, press releases, and third-party coverage that will ensure a multi-media approach to communication & dissemination. Concurrently, FAIR-EASE will organise at least five webinars within the time span of the project.

The preliminary exploitation measures have been considered, but both stakeholder feedback and the maturing of the project Key Exploitable Results (KERs) will inform the development of the exploitation plan which will be updated in the further iterations of this Deliverable.


FAIR-EASE_D6.1_Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Plan_Initial.pdf

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