Published July 6, 2022 | Version 1.0.0
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iHelp: Data Collection and Pilot Assessments I


This document represents the assessment of the iHelp approaches by showing the proposed data collecting processing and modelling flow. This workflow’s final purpose is to provide to the clinicians a better insight of the Pancreatic Cancer disease.
There are five pilot studies within the iHelp designed to help test and validate the personalized solution developed in this project by providing different types of data which is useful within the various aspects/scenarios of disease prevention.
The five pilots involved in this project, provide the input data needed for the IHelp technical partners to analyse and compile smart models that can help with predicting this type of disease.
Upon the completion of the 1st iteration of this report on D6.5 (“Data Collection and Pilot Assessments I”), adjustments and improvements will be made and will be reflected in the 2nd iteration of this deliverable, i.e., D6.6 (“Data Collection and Pilot Assessments II”).
This document contains the description of data collection processes and procedures and the instruments used to evaluate these processes. It also describes the evaluation mechanisms of pilot studies.
The data collection instruments section presents an overview of what the data collection strategy is for each pilot, how data will be formatted and distributed and what is the methodology for data ingestion into the iHelp platform from each pilot’s perspective.
Pilots will present details about the measuring of the data quality by describing the evaluation instruments for data collection and assessment measures. Pilots will present details about the data quality and quantity and will describe how the data flow is managed.
To ensure proper data flow and smooth ingestion of the data from the pilots to the iHelp platform, partners have identified potential risks that could appear, and the solutions that alleviate the impact of these potential issues.



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