Published April 29, 2022 | Version 1.0
Project deliverable Open

iHelp: Design of Personalised Prevention and Intervention Measures I


The objective of this deliverable is to define personalised recommendations in terms of prevention and intervention measures that are targeted to specific risks associated with pancreatic cancer. Consequently, we first map the process of design and delivery of prevention and intervention measures to be applied in the project. We identify the opportunity to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the precision and personalisation of:
▪ The risk assessment and health recommendations to be offered to citizens/individuals from the perspective of health care professionals
▪ Coaching (supporting) communications to be offered to citizens/individuals receiving the recommended behaviour change recommendation within the iHelp platform.
In relation to enhancing the precision of the risk assessment interventions, we provide it based on citizens’ own health, lifestyle, and biology markers. In relation to enhancing the personalisation of coaching support, we develop a personalisation framework enabling us to provide personalised communication via the coaching dialogue functionality. The coaching dialogue developed in in this deliverable is developed for the purpose of supporting goal setting stage – where iHelp can help individuals to set up specific goals. Once the framework is developed and validated, many of its principles can be applied to regular coaching activities (e.g., in health education, insights provision and support). The personalisation is enabled through development of a segmentation approach enabling iHelp to segment individuals based on their health goal orientation, level of health literacy and gender. We develop the personalisation coaching framework in the context of physical activity, and we will test feasibility of the framework before implementing it within the iHelp project.