Published December 28, 2021 | Version 1.0
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iHelp DSS suite with visual analytics I

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This deliverable reports the work that has been done in the context of T4.3 - “Clinical Decision Support System (DSS), with Visual Analytic Tools”. The main objective of this task to design and implement the decision support visualization component of the iHelp platform. On top of this, the ultimate goal of the DSS is to allow different stakeholders to run analytic functions and visualize analytic results in order to support and decision and policy making.
This task started in the fourth month (M4) of the project, thus this deliverable presents the results achieved during these first eight months of this task. In this context, a prototype of the DSS component has been designed and initially implemented. The DSS prototype allows the definition of dashboards to visualize analytic results, the definition of analytic workflows and visualization of stored data by defining queries with low code. In addition, the DSS implementation is based on Node-RED, a browser-based editor for defining data flows by connecting predefined nodes, hence it follows the same principles. During the next months of the project this prototype will be enhanced taking into account all the requirements of the pilots in the iHelp project and integrated with the rest of iHelp components. To this end, at Μ22 the second prototype of the DSS will be presented in the context of D4.7 - “iHelp DSS suite with visual analytics II”, and at M32 the final version of the DSS will be reported in the context of D4.8 - “iHelp DSS suite with visual analytics III”.



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