Published October 29, 2021 | Version 1.0
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iHelp: Functional and Non-Functional Specifications I

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This deliverable presents the first release of the functional and non-function specifications of the iHELP solution, that will guide the development activities throughout the project, in order to achieve a consensus on what the iHelp platform will offer. This has a two-fold advantage as it will let the developers know what to build and the users what they will get.
These specifications explain how the requirements provided by the pilots and the technical partners will be fulfilled by the iHelp platform and provide a detailed definition of the functionalities/behaviours of the iHelp components and the interactions among them. Details on the design of the components are outlined in the related deliverables and are out of the scope of this document.
This work started from the outcomes of the requirements elicitation and architectural design, specifically the requirements in D2.1 – State of the art and requirements analysis I (M., M., P. + 21) and the architecture in D2.4 – Conceptual model and reference architecture I (Mel 21). Use cases reported in D2.1 have been analyzed to identify the iHelp components functions needed to satisfy them. The architecture has been examined to understand the role and objective of each component, and the technical specification has been produced for the most mature components at the current stage of the project, while the overall platform will be designed incrementally in accordance to the progresses of the project, and documented in the final version of the present report. Technical partners responsible for the components have been provided with a template and guidelines facilitating the production of the technical specifications and API documentation. Connection mechanisms, data flows and control flows have been discussed and clarified during frequent brainstorming involving all interested parties. Requirements specified in D2.1 (M., M., P. + 21) have been reviewed to derive the non-functional specifications.
The next version of this deliverable D2.7 – Functional and Non-Functional Specifications II, expected at M20, will report the functional and non-functional specifications of the whole iHelp platform and components.



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