Published February 28, 2023 | Version 1.0
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Aftermath Knowledge Capitalisation Mechanism


This document describes the final release of the After-Action Reporting (AAR) Application within the S&R Project.
The AAR Application is aimed at capitalizing on the knowledge and generating lessons learned after dealing with each incident to identify possible improvements and plan corrective actions for future management of similar incidents.
The AAR application results are grouped in:

  1. overview of the results;
  2. analysis of the incidents considered by the S&R Platform;
  3. recommended improvements of future interventions in similar incidents;
  4. recommended improvements to the S&R Platform; and/or
  5. recommended training.

The AAR Application is developed on top of other DSS-type components in the project, especially the COncORDE EMS, to acquire information describing the incidents and the action taken in response to them. In addition, the AAR Application allows users to add quantitative and qualitative information about incidents, analyse the flow of actions, formulate recommendations for improvement, and plan corrective actions.
The overall content structure of the AAR is the following:

  • Incident overview;
  • Analysis;
  • Reports;
  • Recommendations;
  • Lessons learned;
  • Conclusion.

This document describes the final version of AAR application by presenting a conceptual view of the inputs, requirements, architecture, and implementation.


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