Published February 28, 2023 | Version v1
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LiMeS-lab: An integrated laboratory for the development of Liquid-Metal Shield technologies for fusion reactors


The liquid metal shield laboratory (LiMeS-Lab) will provide the infrastructure to develop, test, and compare liquid metal divertor designs for future fusion reactors. The main research topics of LiMeS-lab will be liquid metal interactions with the substrate material of the divertor, the continuous circulation and capillary refilling of the liquid metal during intense plasma heat loading and the retention of plasma particles in the liquid metal. To facilitate the research, four new devices are in development at the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research and the Eindhoven University of Technology: LiMeS-AM: a custom metal 3D printer based on powder bed fusion; LiMeS-Wetting, a plasma device to study the wetting of liquid metals on various substrates with different surface treatments; LiMeS-PSI, a linear plasma generator specifically adapted to operate continuous liquid metal loops. Special diagnostic protection will also be implemented to perform measurements in long duration shots without being affected by the liquid metal vapor; LiMeS-TDS, a thermal desorption spectroscopy system to characterize deuterium retention in a metal vapor environment. Each of these devices has specific challenges due to the presence and deposition of metal vapors that need to be addressed in order to function. In this paper, an overview of LiMeS-Lab will be given and the conceptual designs of the last three devices will be presented.


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