Published February 25, 2023 | Version 1.1
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Ensemble Digital Terrain Model (EDTM) of the world

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Layers include: Ensemble Digital Terrain Model (EDTM) in 250-m resolution. Unit is in metre(m) and precision is in decimetre (dm). Maps are downscaled from 30-m resolution to 250-m in order to fit the size limit. We provide 30-m EDTM and its standard deviation as links:

  • 30-m EDTM

  • Standard deviation

Derived using ALOS AW3D, GLO-30, MERITDEM, and national DTMs. We derived a  lower 10% quantile from all maps. In order to create bare earth data, we used canopy height (canopy height > 2m) and standard deviation (sd > 6m) to mask building and forest in AW3D and GLO-30. Practical processing is written here in Python.

To access and visualize maps use:

If you discover a bug, artifact or inconsistency, or if you have a question please use some of the following channels:

All files internally compressed using "COMPRESS=DEFLATE" creation option in GDAL in Cloud Optimised GeoTiff (COG). File naming convention:

  • dtm.bareearth = variable: digital terrain model (m), bare earth
  • ensemble = determination method: ensemble of mutli-source dsm and dtm
  • p10/std = aggregation/statistics method: 10th percentile / standard deviation
  • 250m = spatial resolution / block support: 250 m,
  • s = vertical reference: at surface,
  • go = bounding box: global land without Antarctica
  • epsg.4326 = ESPG code: epsg.4326
  • v20230221 = version code: creation date 20230221



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