Published February 23, 2023 | Version 1.0
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Wagner Ring Dataset

  • 1. University of Würzburg and International Audio Laboratories Erlangen
  • 2. International Audio Laboratories Erlangen
  • 3. Saarland University


The Wagner Ring Dataset (WRD) is a multi-modal and multi-version annotated dataset built on Wagner's tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen. The Ring comprises four operas (or music dramas) organized into eleven acts and 21939 measures. Concerning the  primary material (raw data), the WRD provides score representations in various modalities and 16 recorded performances (three of them publicly available). For all versions (score and audio), we provide comprehensive annotations of measure positions, note events, singing voice regions including singers and lyrics as well as scene, key, and time signature regions. The WRD is organized as follows:


  • score_pdf_IMSLP
  • score_sibelius
  • score_pdf_sibelius
  • score_musicxml
  • score_midi
  • audio_wav


  • ann_score_singing
  • ann_score_timesignatures
  • ann_score_keysignatures
  • ann_score_scenes
  • ann_audio_measure
  • ann_audio_note
  • ann_audio_singing
  • ann_audio_timesignatures
  • ann_audio_keysignatures
  • ann_audio_scenes


  • Scripts and tables for merging individual CD tracks, ...


This work was supported by the German Research Foundation within the project "Computational Analysis of Harmonic Structures" (DFG MU 2686/7-1 and 7-2, DFG KL 864/4-1 and 4-2). We deeply thank all team members and student assistants involved in the data curation process and the annotation work. To just name a few of the many contributors, we want to mention Lena Krauß, Cäcilia Marxer, Sarah Schweiger, Sascha Kruchten, Felix Wiethaus, and Peter Haaf. The International Audio Laboratories Erlangen are a joint institution of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg FAU) and Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.


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