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Published February 21, 2023 | Version 1.0
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PaRSEC task-based runtime as an alternative programming paradigm

  • 1. University of Tennessee


Challenges introduced by highly hybrid many-cores architectures have a lasting impact on the portability and performance of applications, partially due to traditional programming paradigms. These programming paradigms lack the flexibility and capabilities required to deal with large amounts of potential parallelism and a dynamic hybrid execution environment, putting the performance and scalability of applications at risk. Advances in task-based runtime have shown to provide a plausible solution to this problem, one that not only increase the domain scientists’ productivity but also deliver codes that are more efficient, more scalable, and more adaptable to various hardware architectures, and show an increased portability potential to transition from one generation of hardware to another. This talk will describe a distributed task-based runtime, PaRSEC, and highlight its data management strategies and features to allow the implementation of highly efficient and scalable algorithms at any scale.


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