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Minimalist Data Wrangling with Python


Minimalist Data Wrangling with Python is envisaged as a student's first introduction to data science, providing a high-level overview as well as discussing key concepts in detail. We explore methods for cleaning data gathered from different sources, transforming, selecting, and extracting features, performing exploratory data analysis and dimensionality reduction, identifying naturally occurring data clusters, modelling patterns in data, comparing data between groups, and reporting the results.

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Marek Gagolewski is an Associate Professor in Data Science at Warsaw University of Technology. His research interests are related to data science, in particular: modelling complex phenomena, developing usable, general purpose algorithms, studying their analytical properties, and finding out how people use, misuse, understand, and misunderstand methods of data analysis in research, commercial, and decision making settings. In his spare time, he writes books for his students and develops free (libre) data analysis software, such as stringi – one of the most often downloaded R packages, and genieclust – a fast and robust clustering algorithm in both Python and R.

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Please cite this book as: Gagolewski M. (2023), Minimalist Data Wrangling with Python, Zenodo, Melbourne, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6451068, ISBN: 978-0-6455719-1-2, URL:



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