Published January 31, 2022 | Version v1
Project deliverable Open

D1.2 TechEthos technology portfolio: Assessment and final selection of economically and ethically high impact technologies

  • 1. AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • 2. Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca Industriale
  • 1. CEA
  • 2. De Montfort University
  • 3. TRI
  • 4. TUD


This deliverable presents the results of the assessment and final selection of technologies as part of the TechEthos horizon scan. Within this process the 16 technologies resulting from the horizon scan’s first part and described in detail in D1.1 “Description of selected high socio-economic impact technologies” were evaluated and the final TechEthos technology portfolio was decided. As a result, the TechEthos technology portfolio includes “Climate Engineering”, “Digital Extended Reality” and “Neurotechnologies”.


TechEthos D1.2 Assessment and selection of tech families Portfolio.pdf

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