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Line luminosities of Galactic and Magellanic Cloud Wolf-Rayet stars

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Template (optical, continuum subtracted) emission line spectra of Milky Way and Magellanic Cloud Wolf-Rayet stars, presented in Appendix B of Crowther, Rate & Bestenlehner (2023, MNRAS, in press; Ascii format, wavelength (Angstrom) versus monochromatic luminosity (erg/s/Angstrom). Separate templates are provided for single-only and all (single+binary) since binaries are often contaminated by (Balmer) absorption lines from companion OB stars. Highly reddened sources (primarily in Milky Way) also exhibit strong interstellar features (CaII H&K, NaI D, DIBs at 4430, 5780, 5797 Angstrom) and some datasets involved have not been corrected for atmospheric telluric features. Owing to the heterogeneous origin of individual datasets, templates cover a range of wavelength regions, and some exclude the 6070-6400 Ang region, owing to detector gaps for ANU 2.3m + DBS spectroscopy. Separate templates are provided for each galaxy with the exception of WN/C and WO stars, which are also combined into a single dataset (owing to the low total numbers involved). Templates are degraded to a uniform resolution of 10 Angstrom, with average radial velocity corrections of 284 km/s (LMC) and 162 km/s (SMC) applied. Further details are provided in the README.txt file.

Please cite Crowther, Rate & Bestenlehner in publications if these templates are used in research. 


These templates supersede Magellanic Cloud empirical templates from Crowther & Hadfield (2006, Astronomy & Astrophysics, vol 449 page 711)


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