Published January 18, 2023 | Version 2
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DOSE - Global dataset of reported subnational economic output

  • 1. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
  • 2. Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change


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A substantially extended version of DOSE – the MCC-PIK Database Of Sub-national Economic Output. DOSE v2 contains harmonised data on reported economic output for:

  • 1,661 sub-national regions
  • across 83 countries
  • from 1953 to 2020
  • with sectoral detail for the agricultural, manufacturing and services sectors.

To avoid interpolation, values were assembled from numerous statistical agencies, yearbooks and the literature and harmonised for both aggregate and sectoral output. In addition to regional economic output in local currency units (LCU) at current market prices as collected from the original data sources, DOSE contains per capita estimates in LCU and US dollars at both, current and 2015 market prices to enable comparison across time and space. Population data, market exchanges rates and deflator data used to generate them are included as well. Moreover, we provide temporally and spatially consistent data for regional boundaries, enabling matching with geo-spatial data such as climate observations. Annual temperature and precipitation data for each region are already included. Overall, DOSE provides the opportunity for detailed analyses of economic development at the subnational level, consistent with reported values.

A peer-reviewed data descriptor with detailed documentation of the different data assembling, processing and validation steps as well as illustrative plots of the data set's coverage and examples for its application can be found here: 

L. Wenz, R.D. Carr, N. Koegel, M. Kotz, M. Kalkuhl. DOSE – Global data set of reported sub-national economic output. Nature Scientific Data. 2023.




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