Published January 30, 2023 | Version v1
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Following the Fellows Impact Report from funded applicants to the 2023 Fellowship Programme

  • 1. Trust-IT
  • 2. DCU
  • 3. Australo


This report provides an immersion to outcomes of the 2023 Open Call #6 from the perspective of fellows that were selected and funded under this call. Our team is delighted to showcase the sixth series of 2023 success stories of the funded fellowships detailing the addressed standards and landscapes, how these will fill in the identified gaps as well as impact the related stakeholders and society. The results obtained by our Fellows fully respond to many of the objectives set out in the EU Strategy on Standardisation, mainly prioritise and address standardisation needs in strategic ICT areas, enhance European leadership in global standards, support innovation and, finally, improve the overall integrity of the European Standardisation system.

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Funding 2023 – ICT Standardisation Observatory and Support Facility in Europe 951972
European Commission