Published June 30, 2022 | Version v1
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Definition, evaluation and refinement of the SnR CM governance model, V2


The SnR crisis governance model will be linked to existing databases to provide functionality for capturing Risk Assessment (e.g., comparable functions for disaster type, location, radius, impact and threats).
The component will be based on a library of terms, business rules and methods to support these types of analysis identified and implemented in WP3 (T3.1 and T3.2).
The content of the library reflects unified community definitions of risk and other parameters utilized to characterize a disaster or crisis event.
The SnR CM will allow for increased situational awareness and early warning of major disaster incidents with ad-hoc, innovative and dynamic solutions.
The common operating framework will also support wider training and education activities for emergency responders.
In fact, the majority of emergency responders are not overtly involved in EU response through the Mechanism but may become either direct beneficiaries of EU aid or have to face event consequences that have already been experienced, a ‘lessons learnt’ programme delivered online.
The SnR CM concept will allow for a wider definition which includes the capability to (a) collect static and dynamic data on the basis of standards and protocols and (b) all relevant static and dynamic data suppliers that are relevant to various disaster types.
Nine end users of SnR project have been invited to complete a questionnaire developed for the purposes to identify and register the operational procedures of these end users from 6 EU countries (Greece, Romania, Spain, France, Italy, Austria) that are involved in this project.
It has to be mentioned that 70 questions were prepared related to these procedures that will be analyzed in the specific section below.


SnR_D1.7 -Definition evaluation and refinement of the S&R CM governance model, v2_v1.00.pdf

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