Published December 31, 2022 | Version v1
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SnR platform Test Cases and overall system evaluation results Final version


The Deliverable D7.10, titled “SnR platform Test Cases and overall system evaluation results final version”, continue and terminate the work done in the previous D7.9 deliverable related to the testing of the overall platform and each equipment developed within the WP7 in Search & Rescue Project.
The document is divided in two main chapters:

  1. The first chapter is related to the components’ tests, i.e. the tests done by every partner to test locally the components under its responsibility. For this reason, a recap of all the components is done and then for everyone, it is provided a description of how the component has been tested and which are the main results obtained.
  2. The second chapter focus on the S&R use cases and analyze every use case one by one. As several components take part in every use case execution, the analysis is done by following the relations and the communication between the various components within the use case. So the second chapter is more focused on high level relations between the components and the overall result of the tests conducted for the use case execution.


SnR_D7.10 - S&R platform Test Cases and overall system evaluation results Final version_v1.00.pdf

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