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# HealthE Dataset

HealthE contains 3,400 pieces of health advice gathered 1) from public health websites (i.e.,,, and 2) from the publicly available [Preclude dataset]([]( Each sample was hand-labeled for health entity recognition by a team of 14 annotators at the author's institution. Automatic recognition of health entities will enable further research in large-scale modeling of texts from online health communities.

The data is provided in two parts. Both are formatted using the popular, free python `pickle` library and require use of the popular, free `pandas` library.

`healthe.pkl` is a `pandas.DataFrame` object containing the 3,400 health-advice statement with hand-labeled health entities. 

`non_advice.pkl` is a `pandas.DataFrame` object containing the 2,256 pieces of non-advice statements. 

To load the files in python, use the following code block.
import pickle
import pandas as pd
healthe_df = pd.read_pickle('healthe.pkl')
non_advice_df = pd.read_pickle('non_advice_df.pkl')

`healthe_df` has four columns.
* `text` contains the health advice statement text
* `entities` contains a python list of (entity, class) tuples
* `tokenized_text` contains a list of tokens obtained by tokenizing the health advice statement text 
* `labels` contains a list of the same length as `tokenized_text`, where each token is mapped to a class label.

`non_advice_df` has one column, `text`, referring to each non-health-advice-statement.



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