Published January 12, 2023 | Version v1
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Corona Fictions Database – Documentation of a Bibliographical Structuring System

  • 1. Graz University of Technology


The Corona Fictions Database (cf. Hobisch/Völkl/Obermayr 2021-) is an essential part of the research project Corona Fictions. On Viral Narratives in Times of Pandemics funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF (P 34571-G). The team members are Elisabeth Hobisch, Yvonne Völkl (project leader), Julia Obermayr, Tommaso Meozzi, Albert Göschl and Daniel Milkovits.

In order to understand the composition, compilation and functioning of the Corona Fictions Database, in the following article we describe the corpus entering the bibliographical database, the process of data collection and structuring – including the specific challenges encountered in this process – as well as the functionality of the database.



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Corona Fictions. On Viral Narratives in Times of Pandemics P 34571
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