Published January 3, 2023 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Deliverable 5.3: Plan for Exploitation and Sustainability of Results v2

  • 1. Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision
  • 1. webLyzard technology
  • 2. Platoniq
  • 3. Europeana Foundation


This deliverable is the second iteration of the Plan for Exploitation and sustainability of results of the inDICEs project. Similarly to the first version, this document identifies suitable ways of ensuring take‐up of project results in order to achieve the expected outcomes in a sustainable way.

The document draws from the first version of the deliverable and the activities carried out during the second year of the inDICEs project within task 5.2 by consortium partners. It describes the progress undertaken in the second year of the project, focusing on the exploitation strategy and the next steps in connecting inDICEs with the Europeana core services. The next and final iteration will contain a business plan and will be delivered on M36.


D5.3_Plan for Exploitation and Sustainability of Results v2.pdf

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