Published January 3, 2023 | Version v1
Project deliverable Open

Deliverable 4.2: Database and Service Layers v1

  • 1. webLyzard technology (WLT)
  • 1. Platoniq
  • 2. Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision
  • 3. Europeana Foundation


This deliverable provides the first of two reports of the project frontend applications, namely the Participatory Space, i.e., the collaborative environment developed in Task 4.2, and the Visual Analytics Dashboard developed in Task 4.3, as well as an overview of the inDICEs API Framework that is used to integrate and synchronise the various components. This deliverable provides the technical details and initial implementations of the inter-platform communication, including the components required for the proof of concepts reported in D4.1 User Scenarios and Wireframes Report.


D4.2_Database and Service Layers Architecture v1.pdf

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