Published December 16, 2022 | Version v2
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FAIR-IMPACT Synchronisation Force 2022: Session 2, PIDs


The EOSC Persistent Identifier (PID) policy has been written for senior decision makers within potential EOSC service and infrastructure providers and is of interest to all EOSC stakeholders. It defines a set of expectations about what persistent identifiers will be used to support a functioning environment of FAIR research. In this session participants discussed the key concepts of the EOSC PID policy and how PID policies and implementations currently look in different contexts. The session was run as an interactive workshop to facilitate discussion and collect data by using concept board and Mentimeter.

The cross-workshop aimed to assess the status of adoption of FAIR practices with respect to the theme. An evaluation of the maturity of PID implementations was presented to find the areas that need most focus in developing PID policy work and implementation.

The session was chaired by Jessica Parland-von Essen and Liisa Marjamaa-Mankinen, CSC


EOSC PID policy implementation_Mentimeter_session.pdf

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