Published December 13, 2022 | Version v1
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B1MG D7.1 - Catalogue of met and unmet use case WGs requirements 1v0

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The 1+MG Use Case WGs leads and experts have contributed  to the direction of the B1MG WPs activities since the beginning of the project. Their contributions are fundamental to determining the resulting infrastructure needs as well as analysing the final solutions and how they support the various scenarios.

This deliverable builds on previous informal and formal work, as well as contributions from other project and initiative activities:


  • 1+MG use cases working group meetings

  • Workshop to identify health care scenarios across 1+MG WGs

  • Workshop to identify research scenarios across 1+MG WGs

  • B1MG Operational group meetings (1+MG WGs & B1MG WP)

  • Stakeholders forum outcomes

  • 1+MG Group meetings


This deliverable gives the first formal snapshot of the requirements of the 1+MG use case WGs and their current implementation state, which has been collected as part of the B1MG project directly. This inventory of met and unmet needs of the use case WGs will subsequently be used to drive infrastructure development and prioritise future 1+MG infrastructure actions. Successful implementation of the requirements will be evaluated by 1+MG WGs, ensuring that the final 1+MG infrastructure is fit for purpose.

WP7 must still debate the implementation of the recently obtained EC recommendations to collect user requirements using particular software tracking techniques. The outcomes of those discussions will be incorporated into the future version of this deliverable.


202201 B1MG D7.1 - Catalogue of met and unmet use case WGs requirements 1v0.pdf

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