Published November 14, 2022 | Version v1
Report Open

Delivering for EOSC: Key Exploitable Results of the Horizon 2020 EOSC-related projects (Summary report)

  • 1. EOSC Association
  • 2. Research Data Alliance Association


This document is a summary (brochure-style) document describing the Key Exploitable Results (KERs) of the Horizon 2020 EOSC-related projects still active as of the spring of 2022. The information was provided by the projects through a survey questionnaire that was developed in collaboration between the EOSC Association and the Research Data Alliance Association (RDA).

The survey collected responses from 22 projects, which reported a total of 119 KERs, covering mainly technical and policy harmonisation efforts, virtual research environments, discovery/access platforms, training resources, knowledge centres and validation tools. The KERs identified in this survey of Horizon 2020 EOSC-related projects show strong correlations to the EOSC Advisory Groups (AG) topics, with maximum relevance for “Technical challenges in EOSC” and “Implementation of EOSC”; high relevance for “Metadata and data quality”; and satisfactory relevance for the AG topics “Research careers and curricula” and “Sustaining the EOSC”.

The full report is available at: