Published November 15, 2022 | Version v1
Report Open

Delivering for EOSC - Key Exploitable Results of Horizon 2020 EOSC-related Projects (FULL Report)

  • 1. EOSC Association
  • 2. Research Data Alliance Association


This document describes and analyses the Key Exploitable Results (KERs) of the Horizon 2020 EOSC-related projects still active as of the spring of 2022. The information was provided by the projects through a survey questionnaire that was developed in collaboration between the EOSC Association and the Research Data Alliance Association (RDA). The respondents provided various details of their project implementation, including the description of up to six KERs and their corresponding exploitability level, sustainability provisions and development plans. The survey further captured the projects’ provisions for the internationalisation of their KERs and the projects' expectations relative to the EOSC Association. 

The survey collected responses from 22 projects, which reported a total of 119 KERs, covering mainly technical and policy harmonisation efforts, virtual research environments, discovery/access platforms, training resources, knowledge centres and validation tools. The KERs identified in this survey of Horizon 2020 EOSC-related projects show strong correlations to the EOSC Advisory Groups (AG) topics, with maximum relevance for “Technical challenges in EOSC” and “Implementation of EOSC”; high relevance for “Metadata and data quality”; and satisfactory relevance for the AG topics “Research careers and curricula” and “Sustaining the EOSC”.

The EOSC Task Forces (TFs) and the new Horizon Europe INFRAEOSC project consortia are the main stakeholders in receipt of this report, which increases our collective knowledge of the current status of the EOSC implementation, informs the TF's strategic advice to the EOSC Partnership, and provides a stepping stone for any new EOSC-related technical endeavour to be realised within the EU Framework Research Programme Horizon Europe.