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FIDUCEO: Metrology Cookbooks and Workshop Session


In establishing metrologically-rigorous Fundamental Climate Data Records (FCDRs), the FIDUCEO project has had to develop new methods for thinking about the development of an FCDR. These methods are based on metrological principles, but are an extension of these principles to the specific challenges of Earth Observation data. As well as documenting the establishment of our own FCDRs, we have two other responsibilities related to the FCDR methodology, namely:1)The provision of guidelines for CDR producers to understand what information is contained in the FCDRs and how to use it, and 2)The provision of guidelines for FCDR producers so that they can follow the FIDUCEO methodologies with other FCDRs. The FIDUCEO methodology is novel and has great potential to change how the Earth Observation community considers the production and application of FCDRs to ensure long-term stability, interoperability and to provide rigorous uncertainty estimates for retrievals. It is also complex and builds on concepts that are not well understood in the relevant communities. For these reasons, a core aspect of the FIDUCEO project has been the development of guidelines and "cookbooks", to teach the principles of FIDUCEO to others who may use them.


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