Published November 19, 2022 | Version v1.0
Taxonomic treatment Open

On the taxonomy of Myotis lucifugus

  • 1. Carleton University
  • 2. American Museum of Natural History



Author's note: this taxonomic decision is part of a series by members of the Global Bat Taxonomy Working Group to help settle ongoing disputes in the taxonomic literature and suggest targets for data collection.  See the concise conclusion below as well as the full article with background and justification in PDF & DOCX formats for download.



We recommend that Myotis lucifigus alascensis, M. l. carissima, M. l. pernox, and M. l. relictus should continue to be recognized as subspecies of Myotis lucifugus, at least until such time as more conclusive information is provided supporting their elevation to species status. This argues against the conclusions presented by Morales & Carstens (2018).


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