Published February 1, 2023 | Version v1
Report Open

The gradual implementation of organisational identifiers (OrgIDs)

  • 1. University of Strathclyde, euroCRIS, scidecode science
  • 2. Saarland University, scidecode science consulting
  • 3. Humboldt University Berlin, scidecode science consulting
  • 4. University of Lille, euroCRIS


This case study is part of a series that has been produced within the study on “Risks and Trust in pursuit of a well-functioning PID infrastructure for research” commissioned by the Knowledge Exchange in July 2021. The main outcome of this work is a report examining the current PID landscape with an emphasis on its risks and trust-related issues.

This case study provides insight into the process that led to selecting the Research Organization Registry (ROR) – initially based on the Digital Science Global Research Identifier (GRID) database – as the default international framework for the provision of OrgIDs. Insight into the challenges triggered by current developments are also addressed.

The report, Building the Plane as We Fly It: the Promise of Persistent Identifiers, and remaining complementary case studies have also been published.


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