Published June 27, 2022 | Version v1
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EOSC-Pillar D3.2 Final Report: Communities and Usage of Services


The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)-Pillar National Initiatives Survey (NIS) (Bodlos et al., 2020) provides insights into the landscape of the research supporting infrastructure in the five EOSC-Pillar countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy). Following the NIS dedicated to research supporting infrastructures, Work Package 3 additionally carried out qualitative interviews and a quantitative survey dedicated to user communities.

This deliverable outlines three main contributions.

  • First, we disseminated and discussed the NIS results with open science experts.
  • Second, we conducted qualitative interviews with 14 researchers about their data reuse behavior.
  • Third, we carried out a quantitative survey with researchers in five different countries about their data reuse behavior.

Suggested Citation: Kernecker, T., Reichenbach, R., Bodlos, A., Romier, G., Mathieu, G., Vernet, M., Sanaa, Y., H¨onegger, L., Geistberger, J., van Wezel, J., Chiavarini, B. (2022). Final Report: Communities and Usage of Services. Version 1.0.


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