Published November 14, 2022 | Version 1.0
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Orbitrap LC-MS/MS data for phage nucleosides

  • 1. Arcadia Science


These are files containing LC-MS/MS data for phage T4 and phage SPO1 nucleosides. Phage SPO1 data are in files prefixed ORB59709, and T4 data are in files prefixed with ORB59710. The .RAW files are Thermo .raw files obtained after tandem mass spectrometry, and were converted to .mgf format using MSConvert 3.0.22031 (a component of the Proteowizard open source mass spectrometry bioinformatics software package) under generic default presets for .mgf file extraction.

Also included are our mass and charge lists for known nucleosides, known charged adducts, and known neutral adducts.

File list: 

ORB59709.RAW = Raw SPO1 data
ORB59709.mgf = Processed SPO1 data
ORB59710.RAW = Raw T4 data
ORB59710.mgf = Processed T4 data

Mass_lists_Nucleosides.csv = Masses and charges of known nucleosides
Mass_lists_Charged_adducts.csv = Masses and charges of common charged adducts
Mass_lists_Neutral_adducts.csv = Masses of common neutral adducts



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