Published November 3, 2022 | Version v1
Poster Open

A Case Series of Serratia Marcescens Infectious Endocarditis in Persons Who Inject Drugs

  • 1. Wake Forest University School of Medicine Section on Infectious Diseases


Serratia marcescens is a gram-negative bacillus that is widespread in the environment and has been recognized as a rare cause of infective endocarditis (IE), particularly in persons who inject drugs (PWID). The literature consists of a 19 person case series in the 1970s followed by just a handful of case reports and small case series. At AHWFB (Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist), we have noticed an increasing number of severe infections, including IE, with Serratia marcescens in PWID. We aimed to gather data on the population that is getting this infection, the clinical characteristics of the infection, and its treatment at our facility.