Published November 23, 2022 | Version v1
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Schematic 3D reconstruction hypothesis of the house of the painter Gillis van Coninxloo at the Oude Turfmarkt and adjacent houses

  • 1. University of Amsterdam
  • 1. University of Amsterdam


This is a schematic, grey scale 3D reconstruction of the vanished house of the painter Gillis van Coninxloo and adjacent houses resulting from the research conducted in the framework of the Virtual Interiors project. The research questions that this 3D reconstruction aimed to explore relate to the identification of the exact location of the house on the Oude Turfmarkt and its internal spatial arrangement. Especially the references that are contained in Coninxloo's probate inventory to a ‘Coninxloos winckel’ and an ‘achter winckel’ on the first floor of his house were investigated with the 3D model. 

An introduction to the Coninxloo case study and to the first phase of the 3D reconstruction project of his house is briefly presented in C. Piccoli and W. Li 2021. ‘Dealing with multidimensional uncertainty: The house of the painter Gillis van Coninxloo’, (last accessed November 2022). An update on archival research and new insights on this and the neighbouring houses is given in C. Piccoli 2022. ‘The house of Gillis van Coninxloo at the Oude Turfmarkt: New insights’ (last accessed November 2022).

The sources that were used to propose this reconstruction hypothesis are listed in the *.csv file.

Note: This 3D reconstruction is a provisional version and must be considered hypothetical. Aspects that could be clarified by further research include a possible difference in ground floor’s level between the front and the back in Coninxloo’s house, which would impact the spatial arrangement of the interior and require the presence of steps to bridge the two parts.

Historical and archival research: Chiara Piccoli, Bart Reuvekamp, Frans Grijzenhout.
3D modelling: Chiara Piccoli
3D modelling software: Blender
Acknowledgements: Virtual Interiors project, Gabri van Tussenbroek, Weixuan Li, Judith Brouwer, Madelon Simons.



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