Published February 28, 2021 | Version 2
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SIENNA D5.3: Methods for promoting ethics for human enhancement

  • 1. University of Twente
  • 1. University of Twente


This report presents methods for promoting ethics for human enhancement (HE). The main method that we present consists of ethics guidelines for human enhancement technologies (HET). In addition, we propose a research ethics framework for HE, we propose an international expert body to address the social, ethical and regulatory dimensions of HE, and we discuss the need to address the status of HE in the field of medicine. The proposals and guidelines that we provide cover key ethical issues in the research and development (R&D), as well as deployment and use of HET. Some of these methods, including the guidelines, were presented for consideration by stakeholders. In addition, the guidelines, as well as the proposal for the expert body, underwent public consultation. This report builds on earlier SIENNA reports on HE, and the methods and objectives fit within the broader SIENNA aim to provide ethical guidance for key emerging technologies. Finally, we offer some strategies for the implementation, dissemination and exploitation of the proposed methods beyond the lifetime of the project.


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