Published October 12, 2022 | Version v1
Presentation Open Webinar: Leveraging OS technologies for better services in the European software ecosystem

  • 1. Trust-IT Services
  • 3. DG CONNECT E2, European Commission
  • 4. Ubiware
  • 5. Athens University of Economics and Business
  • 6. UBITECH


The contribution of software and the software-based services (SSBS) industry to the EU economy has been increasing in recent years in every dimension (employment, value-added, and productivity).

Leveraging existing technologies and services, the - European forum of the software research community aims to raise awareness and strengthen the competitiveness of the European Software Industry by facilitating a sustainable European forum that encourages both researchers and practitioners, as well as projects in software, digital infrastructure, and cybersecurity to create intersections of expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to research and innovation.

The new open source software (OSS) strategy is a practical instrument for the digital transformation of the Commission. It is also an important enabler for innovation that will equip us with the knowledge to create a better and even more inclusive digital environment within and beyond our organisation. - Mario Campolargo, acting Director-General of DG Informatics.

In this webinar, we explore the overall objectives of the project, together with EU-funded projects showcasing their technical achievements, and host a panel with experts from different areas of the Open Source software and policy landscape, to discuss the potential impact and the key challenges ahead.


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