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Adventures in Tagging - local history in East London


  • 1. Newham East London Library


The Newham Story is a web based project in Newham East London. It enables anyone
with an interest in the history of the area to post stories, comments, photographs and multi-
media content. The Newham Story has been developed by creating a taxonomy of the area; effectively a
classification of people, things, activities, places and time relating to a particular part of
London. The application itself contains a controlled vocabulary that enables users to tag
their content using pre-defined terms. Any tags that are chosen are then visible to other
users and it is then possible to search and find content using the tags. For example, every
piece of content tagged with the term \'Canning Town\' (an area) or \'World War Two\'
(an event) or \'docks\' will produce all the other content tagged in that way. Users are also
able to create their own tags and part of the work of the pilot project has been to assess
how folksonomies can be used to support the development of controlled vocabularies.


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