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Model code for Range and extinction dynamics of the steppe bison in Siberia: a pattern-oriented modeling approach

  • 1. University of Adelaide
  • 2. University of Melbourne


This repository contains the `R` code and some example data (for 7 unique niche samples) to run the steppe bison model `paleopop` simulations.

In order to run the example simulations, `paleopop v 2.0.0` or later must be installed. It is available on CRAN.

The code has a number of package dependencies listed below:

  • "poems"
  • "paleopop"
  • "raster"
  • "purrr"
  • "stringr"
  • "dplyr"
  • "furrr"
  • "data.table"
  • "fs"
  • "readxl"
  • "rgdal"

The scripts are designed to run in parallel across *n* sessions - please set *n* accordingly.

There are two scripts contained in the repository. They need to be run in the following order:

  • bison_simulations.R
  • bison_summary_metrics.R

The first script builds, runs, and saves the output from a multi-simulation manager (see `paleopop` documentation for details). The second script calculates summary metrics for the simulation outputs. These summary metrics can be compared against observed patterns for model selection by Approximate Bayesian Computation, as described in the main manuscript.

All outputs are saved in the `results/` directory.

Additional niche samples are available on reasonable request.

Directory structure:

  - Data/ # data necessary to build the models
  - k_cuts/ # niche samples required for the models
  - results/ # output directory for simulation results



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