Published April 13, 2023 | Version 1.0
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CoCO2-MOSAIC 1.0: a global mosaic of regional, gridded, fossil and biofuel CO2 emission inventories

  • 1. European Commission, Joint Research Centre
  • 2. Center for Climate and Resilience Research, Universidad de Chile
  • 3. Research Group for Atmospheric and Environmental Studies (GEAA)
  • 4. Unisystems S.A.
  • 5. Laboratoire d'Aérologie, CNRS-Université de Toulouse
  • 6. TNO
  • 7. Barcelona Supercomputing Centre
  • 8. Northern Arizona University
  • 9. Arcadia SIT S.r.l.


CoCO2-MOSAIC 1.0 is a global mosaic of regional bottom-up inventories of anthropogenic CO2 emissions developed in the framework of the CoCO2 project ( CoCO2-MOSAIC 1.0 provides gridded (0.1˚×0.1˚) monthly emissions fluxes of CO2 fossil fuel (CO2ff, long cycle) and CO2 biofuel (CO2bf, short cycle) for the years 2015 to 2018 disaggregated in seven sectors: energy_s (super-emitting sources above 7.9e-6 kg/m2/s), energy_a (average emitters), manufacturing, settlements, transport, aviation land/take-off (LTO) and other. The regional inventories included are CAMS-GHG-REG 5.1 (Europe), DACCIWA 2.0 (Africa), GEAA-AEI 3.0 (Argentina), INEMA 1.0 (Chile), REAS 3.2.1 (South-East Asia) and VULCAN 3.0 (USA). EDGAR 6.0 and CAMS-GLOB-SHIP 3.1 are used for gap-filling missing sectors and regions. CAMS-GLOB-TEMPO 3.1 is used for temporal disaggregation of inventories providing annual emissions. Aviation emissions from climb, descent, and cruise are not covered by regional inventories and are provided as a separate file. Note that 2015 is the only year when all regional inventories are simultaneously available.  

Compared to global inventories, CoCO2-MOSAIC 1.0 includes all the regional information available without the limitation of providing spatially consistent emissions. Therefore, CoCO2-MOSAIC 1.0 can be used as a global baseline inventory due to the higher level of detail, higher spatial resolution, and country-specific information included by regional inventories. 

For further details see Urraca et al. 2023 (ESSD submitted). The paper (i) describes the CoCO2-MOSAIC methodology and (ii) uses the mosaic to inter-compare the most widely used global inventories: CAMS-GLOB-ANT 5.3, EDGAR 6.0/7.0, ODIAC v2020b, and CEDS v2020_04_24.



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CoCO2 – Prototype system for a Copernicus CO2 service 958927
European Commission


  • Urraca R, Jansens-Maenhout G, Denier Van der Gon H, Dellaert S, Kuenen J, Visschedijk A, Granier C, Soulie A, Keita S, Darras S, Guevara M, Puliafito E, Lopez-Noreña A, Berna-Peña L, Huneeus N, Alamos N, Gurney K, Roest G, Grassi G, Rossi S, Gobron N, Dowell M. CoCO2-MOSAIC 1.0: a global mosaic of regional, gridded, fossil and biofuel CO2 emission inventories. ESSD (submitted), 2023