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D7.6 - Integrated S&R platform 2nd version


The current document presents the description of the final S&R integrated platform. It integrates all the developed software components and communication interface of the hardware components and sensors to form the final S&R platform as a whole.
Current integrated S&R platform extended and refined the initially developed S&R platform is described in this document. A user’s manual will also be produced in order to facilitate the deployment and maintenance of the S&R platform.
According to DoA the S&R platform of technologies and solutions is split into the following three categories:
➢ Front-End equipment systems and collection tools: which are mainly based on technologies employed in the crisis scenarios in order to acquire relevant and sensible information in real time (e.g., sensors, drones, rescue robots, smart glasses, smart uniforms, first aid devices, and masks).
➢ Data Fusion and Mediation Systems: which merge the information coming from heterogeneous sources and provide a more detailed and accurate situational\context awareness to the decision makers and to the C&C centres. Within S&R the integrated version of CONCORDE EMS offers the particular functionality, but other systems may be also used.
➢ Back-End applications, services and portals: this provides decision support capabilities to crisis stakeholders.
The platform is now equipped with heterogeneous autonomous assets and sensors that provide various sources of data, indoor positioning and extensions of communications efficiently by employing swarming behaviours. S&R platform contains now all the features that end-users identified and classified as highly important during the piloting of CONCORDE and IMPRESS and enhance them with the latest developments in First Responders’ related technologies.
In the first part of this deliverable, the objectives and scope are briefly described. In the second part, the components of the Integration Framework – architecture and tools are presented; data sources and hosting infrastructure are also detailed.
In addition, the presentation of how to use the Apache Service Mix tool can be found, describing how it helps the conversion of all web services involved in the S&R project and offering them from a common base URL.
Also, in this updated version the presentation of the dashboard, information about Kafka, and description of the Data Lake transfer were added.
The last part presents the conclusions of this deliverable.


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