Published September 3, 2022 | Version 1.0.0
Dataset Open

A Large TV Dataset for Speech and Music Activity Detection

  • 1. Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2. Netflix Inc.


Automatic speech and music activity detection (SMAD) is an enabling task that can help segment, index, and pre-process audio content in radio broadcast and TV programs. However, due to copyright concerns and the cost of manual annotation, the limited availability of diverse and sizeable datasets hinders the progress of state-of-the-art (SOTA) data-driven approaches. We address this challenge by presenting a large-scale dataset containing Mel spectrogram, VGGish, and MFCCs features extracted from around 1600 hours of professionally produced audio tracks and their corresponding noisy labels indicating the approximate location of speech and music segments. The labels are derived from several sources such as subtitles. A test set curated by human annotators is also included as a subset for evaluation. To the best of our knowledge, this dataset is the first large-scale, open-sourced dataset that contains features extracted from professionally produced audio tracks and their corresponding frame-level speech and music annotations. 



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