Published August 11, 2022 | Version 2
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D3.3 Citizen Science Starters Kit (Online Citizen Science Training Materials)

  • 1. Vrije Universiteit Brussel


This ‘citizen science starters kit’ provides information to researchers who are new to citizen science and who consider initiating a citizen science research (project), regardless of the scientific discipline. It has the objective to share information about what citizen science is (and what citizen science is not) through definitions, guidelines and tips & tricks. Further, it aims to raise awareness about the opportunities of citizen science through providing key examples of citizen science projects. As such, the starters kit also encourages researchers to start with citizen science, and to consider the citizen science approach in (project) proposals. Last, the starters kit also supports reflection and creative thinking. Through the provided questions, researchers should be able to make critical design choices for running a citizen science research (project).

It consists of 3 modules: 1) Start to learn about citizen science; 2) Determine if citizen science is right for your research; 3) Crucial design factors for successful citizen science.


Version 2 has been professionally proofread compared to version 1.1.


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